Sports betting CPI will be installed this Wednesday (1)
Sports betting CPI will be installed this Wednesday

In an interview given to Míriam Leitão’s blog on the O Globo portal, parliamentarian Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE) declared that the CPI of Sports Betting will be established this Wednesday, May 17, one day after the date planned for the presentation of the document referring to the set of fiscal measures.

Designated as the commission’s rapporteur, Carreras highlighted the firmness of the mayor, Arthur Lira, in emphasizing the importance of installing the CPI: “The Chamber was right to propose this debate, even before the new accusations. competitions and affects a heritage, which is football. It is an economic activity, a giant production chain and employment for hundreds of thousands of people”.

The Leader of the PSB and of the Chamber bloc expressed confidence that the establishment of a new CPI will not jeopardize the legislative procedures. Furthermore, he believes that the set of fiscal measures will be approved by a significant majority of votes.

“Minister Haddad conducted very well. He is being very competent with regard to seeking out parliament, promoting meetings – whether at the Ministry of Finance, or going to the official residence of the president of the Chamber, meeting with leaders of the bench to hear criticisms and suggestions”.

“[He] has been talking permanently with President Arthur Lira and with the rapporteur for the matter (Cláudio Cajado). So, I think this harmony will be reflected in the approval”, concluded Carreras.

About the sports betting CPI

The Sports Betting CPI, proposed by the leader of the PSB in the Chamber, Felipe Carreras (PE), had its origins in an investigation conducted by the Public Ministry of Goiás (MPGO). On February 14, the MPGO started the Maximum Penalty Operation, which aims to investigate the manipulation of results in games of the 2022 Brazilian Championship.

Initially, the calculations focused on three matches from the last round of last year’s Série B, but were later expanded to include games from the first division of the Brasileirão 2022 and also from this season’s State Championships. This case has contributed to intensify the debate on the need to regulate the sports betting sector in the country.