Sports betting provisional measure may be released in the coming days
Photo: Rubens Chiri/São Paulo FC

The federal government should launch the provisional measure for sports betting in the coming days. According to Uol’s Olhar Olímpico column, the text was prepared by the Ministry of Finance and is being evaluated by other ministries, such as the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Justice.

The launch was postponed due to the request of the main clubs in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to participate in the discussions. A last meeting between the Ministry of Finance and representatives of sports associations took place on April 25th.

Football clubs scored a victory as the sports betting provisional measure will not address data licensing. The posture of the teams happens so that they are entitled to a part of the taxes that will be paid by the bookmakers from the regulation of the practice in the country.

The text of Law 13,756/2018 will continue to apply, which points out that the fee is due to clubs that grant the “use of their denominations, their brands, their emblems, their anthems, their symbols and the like for the dissemination and execution” of sports betting .

Teams understand that this does not include, among other properties, statistics that could be negotiated directly with sports betting companies.

Bookmakers, in turn, have a different understanding and that they would have the right to exploit this data. According to Olhar Olímpico, the government does not intend to get involved in the debate, waiting for the football clubs and houses, private entities, to reach an agreement.

Clubs failed to change items of the sports betting provisional measure

The commission, which also included Bahia, Vitória and Athletico, was unable to convince the government to increase the portion reserved for clubs: 1.63% of the bookmakers’ net income.

In agreement that the rates cannot exceed 15%, at the risk of impacting betting companies, major partners of Brazilian football today, the teams would like the increase in their share to come out of the 10% reserved for the government.

The Ministry of Finance justified that this was an indispensable condition for the provisional measure on sports betting to come out.

The government also did not agree to increase the period of six months, from the announcement of the regulation of the sector, for the houses to be regularized in Brazil. Brands that do not receive the proper grant, which should cost around R$ 30 million for five years, will not be able to advertise in Brazil.