Ministry of Sports will participate in debates on regulation of betting and eSports
Ministry of Sports will participate in debates on regulation of betting and eSports

In a hearing at the Education, Culture and Sport Commission, the Minister of Sport, Ana Moser, detailed the portfolio’s expectations and plans for the coming years. In addition, she announced that the ministry will participate in debates on the regulation of sports betting and electronic sports.

Betting and eSports regulation

According to Agência Senado, the minister reinforced the importance of creating a group to discuss ways to combat racism in sport and the ministry’s participation in discussions on the future provisional measure for sports betting.

Senator Izalci Lucas, from the PSDB of the Federal District, asked Ana Moser about the regulation of electronic sports.

“Your Lordship has publicly positioned itself against the classification of electronic sports as sports and consequently against the classification of its practitioners as athletes. However, sports become more popular, with large sums of money and attract crowds in their competitions”, declared the senator.

In response, Ana Moser informed that a working group will be created in the government to deal with the matter. “The government is going to create an interministerial WG to deal with this issue. The government still does not have a position on this”, explained the minister.

“If it’s sport, if it’s culture, if it’s science and technology… if it’s tourism, all the faces of electronic sports that need to be regulated and organized because it’s an undeniable phenomenon. And a very strong phenomenon in economic terms as well”, he added.

First 100 days of government

According to Ana Moser, some initiatives have already left the paper in the first 100 days of the government. “These are 100-day actions by the Government, we are delivering thirty-five works, there are 28.6 six million, works that were close to completion”.

So, a second notice to support skateboarding, in the five regions, also a very large demand, and also with fifty percent of the vacancies for women. It is a public notice of three million”, concluded the minister.