About 70% of Brazilians believe that the government should regulate the betting market
About 70% of Brazilians believe that the government should regulate the betting market

Playtech, in partnership with research platform Toluna, has developed a new edition of its Responsible Gaming in Latin America Report to assess the current online gambling landscape. The survey was carried out online and interviewed 2,500 people in five countries – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru – to assess gamblers’ behavior and understand this public’s perception of the betting market and its current regulations.

The results of the survey indicate that the public of bettors in Brazil sees the regulation of the sector as a necessary step to reduce risks, increasing the security of users of online betting platforms, for example.

Among the respondents, 76% believe that the industry can still evolve a lot, doing more so that there is accurate information about responsible betting – and 71% believe that the Brazilian government should invest in clear guidelines to reduce the risks of the betting market, which that is only possible through regulation of the sector.

In addition, other survey data make it even more evident that Brazilians are looking for a safer environment for online betting. When talking, for example, about identifying risky behavior within betting sites, more than 70% of respondents are in favor of receiving warning and protection messages while playing.

As the gaming industry in most of Latin America and Brazil is still unregulated, many players may be more exposed to these risks when gambling. Some technologies offer the possibility of detecting these risky behavior patterns, as well as promoting responsible interactions for bettors.

Playtech has developed a range of solutions for this market through Playtech Protect. A clear regulation, which stipulates the necessary guidelines and conditions for responsible gambling, still represents one of the most important steps for the sector to mature.

Expectations for the betting market in Brazil

The expectation for 2023, within the betting market in Brazil, is for a movement of at least R$12 billion – an increase of 70% compared to 2020. Faced with an industry expanding at such a rapid rate, the debate on regulation takes place even more urgent, since a segment with established guidelines will have even more opportunity to grow.

According to Charmaine Hogan, Director of Regulatory Affairs at Playtech, the path for the betting industry needs to go through regulation, with the support of the government in this regard.

“Betting regulation is absolutely essential for the growth and maturation of this market. A well-regulated gambling ecosystem also represents revenue from fees and taxes for the government. In short, regulation benefits all actors in this equation.”

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