On the night of Thursday, March 2, federal deputy Felipe Carreras (PSB/PE) met with the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PL/AL), at his official residence. At the meeting, Carreras received Lira’s endorsement to start collecting signatures for the opening of the CPI on sports betting. For the CPI to be created, the deputy will need to obtain 171 signatures from his colleagues.

Carreras’ initiative took place shortly after the Maximum Penalty operation by the Public Ministry of Goiás, which investigates the manipulation of results in Serie B games last year.

Felipe Carreras even commented on the case: “The manipulation of results in Brazilian football games is becoming more and more evident. There are speculations and insinuations that external agents are acting to interfere in the matches”.

“We are seeing dissatisfaction from all sides. In Europe we had proven cases after investigations. Brazil is not immune, it is at the apex of a hazy environment. We will act”, completed the deputy.

Government already deals with regulation of sports betting sites with Congress

The Federal Government started discussions with members of the National Congress on a bill to regulate bookmakers and received a positive signal indicating that the measure would have the support of the Legislature.

According to CNN, the Institutional Relations Secretariat team, led by Minister Alexandre Padilha, is already in contact with congressmen to discuss the possibility of moving forward with the proposal, and has received enough signals to support the intention to regulate the activities of bookmakers sports.

However, it is important to emphasize that this support does not necessarily mean agreement with the project that is already underway in Congress and which provides for the legalization of gambling in casinos, bingo, slot machines, among other modalities.

Also according to CNN, the government’s economic team is considering drafting a provisional measure to regulate sports betting, which has grown rapidly in Brazil. Many betting companies have already established partnerships with football teams, as well as with important championships, including the Copa do Brasil.