Sports betting is regulated in the State of Paraíba
Governor of Paraíba, João Azevêdo Lins Filho. Photo: Reproduction / @joaoazevedolins

The practice of sports betting is authorized in the state territory of Paraíba. The state government formalized the decision with the signing of Decree No. 43376. According to official documentation, the Paraíba State Lottery was in charge of lottery betting in the fixed quota modality.

With the signature of the Governor of Paraíba, João Azevêdo Lins Filho, the document was published in the edition of the Official State Gazette this Tuesday, January 17th. The establishment of a fixed grant fee to obtain the license for the activity and the registration of players and other requirements will be announced with the release of a notice.

The inspection actions of the betting service will also be with the State Lottery of Paraíba. A process for selecting private companies will determine the establishments that will carry out public activity in the state territory.

According to Diário de Pernambuco, the chosen units will have a ten-year term and will have opportunities to renew their respective licenses. Bets can be placed both physically and virtually. The amounts obtained will be passed on to programs in the social, education, health and public safety areas.

Fixed quota sports betting companies in Paraíba that create advertising campaigns related to the practice, must be notified about the possibility of dependence on gambling. Furthermore, betting is only authorized for players aged 18 and over.

Regulation of sports betting in Brazil

It is worth noting that the decision made official by the Government of Paraíba is limited to the state territory. The regulation of sports betting in Brazil remains the responsibility of the Federal Government, generating great expectations in the global industry. After all, Brazil is seen as a country with the potential to become one of the main betting markets on the planet.

Since 2018, sports betting has been legalized in the national territory, but the regulatory process continues to be processed by the Federal Government. Currently, around 450 bookmakers operate in the country, but hosted abroad.