Lula will be the new President of the Republic. What will happen to sports betting?
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President Jair Bolsonaro had agreed with his supporters of the approval of gambling in Brazil that, after the elections, he would engage the government in approving the proposal in the Senate. He was just waiting to receive the votes of the evangelical bench and then fulfill his promise. But and now?

Lula (PT) was elected president of Brazil for the third time on October 30th, with 50.90% of the votes. There are more than 60 million votes. Returning the left to power, what to expect from the new president in relation to the promises made by the adversary?

The sports betting and lottery sector wants to know, and the iGaming Brazil portal asks: What will be the impact on the gaming industry generated by Lula’s return to the presidency? What to expect from the new government in terms of regulation? Did your opinion change after the elections?

See exclusively what three great names in the law specializing in sports betting in Brazil think: Neil Montgomery, from Montgomery e Associados, Luiz Felipe Maia, from MYLAW Advogados, and Witoldo Hendrich Jr., from Hendrich Advogados.

Each one left their message regarding the short-term future of gaming regulation in Brazil.

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Neil Montgomery

Witoldo Hendrich

Luiz Felipe Maia