Chamber President Arthur Lira claims that Legal Framework for Gambling has been 'asleep in the Senate for months'
Photo: Agência Brasil

Earlier this year, the Chamber of Deputies approved bill 442/91, which establishes the Legal Framework for Gambling in Brazil. However, the agenda has not been able to advance since it went to the Senate and may not be considered until the elections, scheduled for October. Recently, Lira rejoiced that the project “has been sleeping in the Senate for several months”.

The consideration of the President of the House took place in session, on the 14th of this month. In addition, Lira’s statement comes at a time when the Chamber of Deputies is evaluating possibilities to fund the floor for the nurses’ category and numerous deputies indicate that the resources of gambling would be essential to provide legal certainty to the agenda that favors professionals. of the health sector.

It should be noted that the Legal Framework for Gambling is met with resistance even among members of the government base, especially the evangelical bench. Therefore, President Jair Bolsonaro has already stated that he could veto the project in case of approval.

The president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, in turn, even declared that he does not intend to discard the bill, but a rapporteur was not even chosen. For Pacheco, the best time to return to the topic will be after the elections.

Representative Carmen Zanotto (Citizenship-SC) recently mentioned that the Senate even mentioned the Legal Framework for Gambling on three occasions, but has not discussed the project so far, also hindering the application of the national floor for nursing professionals.

Debate on the National Nursing Salary in the Chamber should increase demands in the Senate in relation to the Legal Framework of Gambling

In the coming days, the Chamber of Deputies should hold a series of votes on urgent projects and provisional measures. The sources of funding for the national nursing salary should be discussed again, further expanding the demands on senators so that the Legal Framework for Gambling can advance.