Chamber-approves-in-1st-round-Nursing-PEC-and-there-is-talk-about-the-legalization-of-gambling-to pay-for-it

This Tuesday, 12, the Chamber of Deputies approved in the 1st round, with 425 votes to 7, the Nursing PEC (PEC 11/22). The legalization of gambling is already defended as a measure to pay for it.

But an analysis by the Plenary of a highlight of the New presented to the proposal is necessary. Voting can be resumed today, Wednesday (13).

The Nursing PEC – authored by the Senate – determines a federal law that will establish national professional salary for: nurses, nursing technicians, nursing assistants and midwives.

Deputy Carmen Zanotto (Citizenship-SC), rapporteur for the PEC, said that the approval of the proposal will help to prevent judicial questioning of the PEC, provided for in Bill 2564/20.

“To avoid any risk of judicialization, any risk of veto, because it is not in the Federal Constitution that we work for PEC 11 to give more legal security to the national salary of nursing professionals”, said Zanotto.

Discussion and voting of proposals. dept. Carmen Zanotto CITIZENSHIP-SC
Carmen Zanotto, rapporteur for the proposal

Carmen also stated that the salary increase for the category could be funded by measures such as payroll tax relief, legalization of gambling, oil royalties, profit from state-owned companies and the unused balance of resources provided for in the State of Emergency PEC (PEC 15/22), which should also be voted on this Wednesday.

“I ask the government to help us, so that we can guarantee assistance in our philanthropic hospitals, so that we can maintain this team of professionals”, declared Zanotto.

Regarding the votes against the PEC, only the Novo party guided such measure. Deputy Tiago Mitraud (Novo-MG), leader of the party, said the following: “This proposal will have harmful effects on nursing professionals, who were deceived”, reporting that the proposal will generate a wave of layoffs with salary increases.

Deputy Alexis Fonteyne, also from the Novo-SP party, commented on: “This issue has to be dealt with outside the Constitution, like all other professions, for us to have balance, for the economy to move, because otherwise we run the risk of embracing populism and having more and more categories pressing”, stressing that the definition of salary is not a constitutional issue.

All other parties declared a favorable vote. For deputy Helder Salomão (PT-ES), the proposal provides justice to health professionals:

“In the pandemic, people saw more concretely the role that these professionals play on a daily basis, but in periods of normality, health professionals, nursing professionals, other professionals are fundamental for the strengthening of the Unified Health System”, highlighted Helder.