The evangelical bench has shown itself to be a great ‘opponent’ of the liberalization of betting games in Brazil. Since the beginning of the debates about the benefits of the games, evangelicals have taken a strong stance against, with criticism and ‘moral appeals’ referring to the ‘traditional Brazilian family’ and the problems that would be generated with this release.

Now, the bench is moving more than ever to disrupt the next steps of the Legal Framework for Gambling, gathering more opponents and organizing strategies to build a ‘task force’ against gambling.

Estadão published an article where it cites the most recent actions of the evangelical bench, where we can clearly see the dedication of evangelicals in avoiding the regulation of betting.

Check out the full article about the betting games below.

The evangelical bench is preparing to reproduce the “task force” used in December last year in the approval, by Congress, of André Mendonça’s name for the Supreme Court.

This exit is a possibility in the event that the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, takes to the plenary session the bill for the liberation of gambling.

Members of the bench meet with the senator this week to try to convince him to hold on to the matter, approved by the Chamber under much controversy and criticism from evangelicals.

As a last resort, the bench, now led by deputy Sóstenes Cavalcante (União-RJ), may even negotiate support for Pacheco’s re-election to the Senate.

UNION CREATES STRENGTH: Evangelical parliamentarians played a decisive role in the vote that approved the “terribly evangelical” minister for the Federal Supreme Court in December last year, with the support of First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro.

AGREEMENTS: The evangelical bench is also preparing to talk to President Jair Bolsonaro to ask for a “fine adjustment in politics”. The noise that the president will only support evangelicals who join the PL caused irritation in the group, especially among members of the Republicans and Progressives.