Alessandro Valente says that approval of PL 442:91 is a 'great advance' for Brazil

The Bill (PL) 442/91, which provides for the new Legal Framework for Gambling in Brazil, was approved by the Chamber of Deputies. The expectation of the entire betting industry is that the next steps to put legalization into practice will be completed quickly.

The co-founder of Super Afiliados, Alessandro Valente, recorded an exclusive video for the iGaming Brazil portal, where he comments that the approval is a good opportunity for the country to get out of ‘marginality’. “Brazil comes out of marginality, putting aside all this hypocrisy, advancing this whole industry in a more professional and open way”.

For him, this approval elevates Brazil to a group of countries that generate large numbers with betting games, despite presenting a concern with the affiliate sector: “Like some countries, like Portugal, I saw a brutal drop in the post-regulatory affiliation sector.”

However, he believes that this represents, in fact, a great advance: “This will really be an advance in the medium and long term, so that Brazil can fit in among the great economies that are already vehemently operating this type of activity”, concludes the businessperson.

About Super Afiliados

Super Afiliados provides affiliation agreements for the eGaming segment throughout Latin America. Since 2009, the company has had business in the country and in Latin America, from its headquarters in London, England.

Currently, it has a team focused on passing on solutions aimed at its field of activity. In addition, the group is able to offer its affiliates differentiated commissions, exclusive offers and other benefits.

Watch the full video of Alessandro Valente below