President Jair Bolsonaro declares again that he will veto proposal to legalize betting
Photo: Reprodução / Youtube Poder 360

On Thursday, the 24th, President Jair Bolsonaro again declared that he intends to veto the bill to legalize betting in Brazil if the text is sent for his sanction. Approval of the proposal was completed in the Chamber of Deputies and is heading to the Federal Senate.

“What I have already decided here and the entire House knows and the Speakers of the House and Senate also know: once approved, we will exercise our right of veto. To override the veto, the veto is nominal, in the Chamber there must be 257 voting ‘no’, half plus 1 of 513. I find it difficult to overturn the veto. But if the Chamber overthrows it, it goes to the Senate”, declared Bolsonaro during his weekly live.

President Jair Bolsonaro tried to bar approval of the project in the Chamber

The president of the republic criticized the approval of the proposal and stated that he worked to defeat the project alongside his base in the Federal Congress. Remembering that the text of the legalization of betting includes casinos, bingos, Jogo do Bicho and online gambling, which may acquire licenses on a permanent or temporary basis.

“The Chamber, everyone knows, and the Senate also have autonomy. Some want me to disapprove or approve certain things there. I have my limit. I did what I could with some parliamentarians closest to us to see if the project was defeated there, unfortunately it was approved”, he said.

According to the Poder 360 portal, the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB) also rejected the approval of the proposal that allows the practice of games in the national territory.

On the official website of the CNBB, the organization announced how each deputy voted in the plenary of the Chamber. Evangelical supporters of the president, such as Minister Damares Alves (woman, family and Human Rights), also took a stand against the agenda.

According to the text, which has been in Congress for more than three decades, casinos can be opened integrated with leisure centers that will need to have at least 100 luxury hotel rooms, places for events and meetings, restaurants, bars and purchases.