Evangelical bench sets up an operation in the Chamber against the legalization of gambling in Brazil

The vote on the bill (PL) for the legalization of gambling in Brazil is facing a major opponent at the beginning of 2022, the evangelical bench.

Evangelicals took a strong stance against the release of the games as the agenda began to gain more supporters and notoriety in the country.

If, on the one hand, many benefits can be generated for Brazil with this release, on the other, according to the evangelical band, it can increase the number of problems with addiction to games and ‘hurt’ the morals of the Brazilian family.

In this sense, to prevent the legalization of games, the evangelical bench prepared a war operation in the chamber, as shown by columnist Igor Gadelha on the Metrópoles portal.

Check out below the article about the operation of the evangelical bench against betting games

Members of the Evangelical Parliamentary Front (FPE) this week unleashed a veritable war operation to prevent the approval of the bill that regulates gambling in Brazil.

The offensive ranges from individual conversations with deputies and bench leaders in the Chamber to the hiring of a team of 10 people to approach parliamentarians in the corridors of the National Congress.

The decision to intensify the articulation against the proposal came after the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), included the project in the voting agenda of the plenary of the House this week.


In the column, the president of the FPE, deputy Sósthenes Cavalcante (União Brasil-RJ), said that one of the focus of the operation will be a list of 35 parliamentarians whose votes he believes it is possible to “turn”.

Cavalcante declined to reveal who the 35 federal deputies are, but stated that there are both right-wing and left-wing parliamentarians in the group.

The list was shared by Cavalcante with five other members of the front, who split up to look for these deputies and try to convince them to vote against the bill.

In addition to the president at the front, the federal deputies Cezinha de Madureira (PSD-SP), Silas Câmara (Republicans-AM), Eli Borges (Solidariedade-TO) and Otoni de Paula (PSC-RJ) are in the “mission”.

“Other than that, I’m going to do a job of dialogue with party leaders,” added Cavalcante. He said that he had already sought out, this Monday (2/22), leaders of the PL, Republicans and União Brasil.

In the conversation, the president of the FPE said he had asked for support to prevent the project from being voted on this week. The three leaders, says the deputy, are committed to defending that the vote is left for after Carnival.

“I spoke to them and they promised that if they try to vote this week, they will obstruct. With the obstruction of these three parties, it will be difficult for Lira to vote this week,” said Cavalcante.

The president of the evangelical front said that he went directly to the president of the Chamber on Monday. “I sent a message, and he replied that being on the agenda does not mean it will be voted on”, he reported.

Cavalcante also said he had sought out deputies in favor of the project, among them Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE), rapporteur of the text, to ask that the vote be left for after Carnival.

The FPE believes that, by leaving the analysis of the matter for after the holiday, the work to turn votes will be easier, as more deputies will be in person in Brasilia for the vote.