Chamber of Deputies will vote in February for the project that legalizes gambling in Brazil
Photo: Arquivo/Agência Brasil

The vote on Bill 442/91, which provides for the wide liberalization of bets and gambling in Brazil, including casinos, will only take place in February of next year. The Chamber of Deputies, in plenary session, began debating the matter last Thursday, 16th, however, lawmakers preferred to assess the proposal a little better.

“The project will be voted on in February, with the necessary time for it to be matured, discussed, for us to notice who is interested in regularizing gambling, who are not interested in regularizing gambling; what are its effects, what are its causes; what is good and what is bad”, said the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL).

According to Agência Brasil, the project in progress is a substitute presented by Congressman Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE) on behalf of the working group created by President Arthur Lira with the aim of analyzing the issue.

Therefore, the debate on the proposal will remain open so that the parliamentarians can submit amendments and highlights with a view to discussing the project again after the parliamentary recess.

This text establishes the release of all categories of games, such as integrated casinos in resorts, urban casinos, Jogo  do Bicho, sports betting, bingo, skill games and horse racing.

Also according to Agência Brasil, licenses will be obtained through auctions, and games in Brazil will be monitored and inspected by a federal regulatory and supervisory body.

Urgent request for PL of the games was approved by the Chamber

It is important to remember that the plenary of the Chamber has already approved the urgent requirement for this project that legalizes games in Brazil. The request required 257 votes in favor and ended up achieving 293, a relevant action for the advancement of regulation of this sector in the country.

Lira had the support of deputies linked to the national tourism industry. Approval took place last Thursday.