Chamber to consider urgent application for voting on project on gambling release in Brazil today
Rapporteur of the project, Deputy Felipe Carreras. Photo: Chamber Agency

The opening of the extraordinary deliberative session of the Chamber of Deputies, at 6:00 pm (GMT) this Monday, has the proposal that releases games in Brazil, including casinos, bingos, Jogo do Bicho and other modalities, to be evaluated first with the urgent requirement to vote on the replacement text.

Bill number 442, from 1991, was proposed by the then federal deputy from Santa Catarina, Renato Vianna (MDB), from Blumenau. But, the text has already received the addition of nearly 20 amendments. Despite this, the agenda has been in the Federal Congress for three decades because it still divides opinions. Only this urgent request has been waiting to be evaluated by the Plenary for five years.

Some lawmakers are in favor of removing the regulation part of bingos, but support the legalization of casinos and the Jogo do Bicho. While the evangelical group, which is also at the base of the government of President Jair Bolsonaro, is against the idea and is committed to continuing to make the bill’s processing difficult.

The project’s reporter believes that gambling in Brazil can generate BRL 65 billion in annual revenue

The project’s rapporteur, Deputy Felipe Carreras (PSB-PE), estimates that the release of the games in Brazil can result in the collection of approximately 65 billion reais annually, as well as collaborate with the opening of more than 650,000 job vacancies.

For this reason, he says that it is essential to vote for the replacement promptly, taking into account that this version of the bill was shaped to help in the resumption of national tourism, one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic in Brazil.

According to information from the Instituto Brasileiro Jogo Legal, around 200,000 people travel annually abroad with the intention of playing. The project’s rapporteur pointed out in his opinion that the betting market generates more than 20 billion in the national territory per year. In addition, the projection is that 20 million people play in the Jogo do Bicho every day.

“There are some issues that need to be demystified about this segment, especially the association with money laundering and terrorist financing”, explained Carreras in the substitute.

He continued: “For this reason, and in line with the best global regulatory practices in this industry, we proposed that entities licensed to operate with gambling and betting will need to implement and maintain policies and procedures to prevent criminal practices.”