Gustavo Guimarães, from SECAP, says that 2022 will be 'a favorable time for regulation'

The global gambling industry continues to follow and eagerly await the definition of the regulatory process for this market in Brazil. With the debate and the advance of the theme in the National Congress, the expectation is that this sector may have its rules announced soon, aiming at exploring its full potential.

These possibilities for business and for boosting the national economy were addressed in an interview by Gustavo Guimarães, secretary of SECAP, the Secretariat for Evaluation, Planning, Energy and Lottery of the Ministry of Economy, to BandNews TV.

The secretary explained that the legal game currently in Brazil includes lotteries, scratch cards and sports betting. “We are now in the final phase of regulation of sports betting and very soon we will have this regulated sector generating income, jobs and resources for the states and the Union”, he said in an interview with Band News.

In addition, he differentiated between ‘games of chance’ and ‘games of skill’, which he defined as: “all the result of the game is defined by the player’s skill, as in traditional sports”. To exemplify the category, Guimarães mentioned electronic sports, snooker and billiards. “It is important to provide legal certainty, to make it clear to society what it is for these markets to develop”, he added.

Gustavo Guimarães talks about the chance of the return of cassinos.

The SECAP secretary also mentioned the possibility of retaking casinos in Brazil, since these projects have been banned in the country since the 1940s. He explained that SECAP always collaborates with these debates, but the issue is under analysis in the Federal Congress .

“We always participate in this discussion with the technical part, the regulator and concerns, such as, if society chooses to follow this model, what are the minimum requirements that the legislature needs to place in the laws”, he explained.

Gustavo Guimarães added: “We have to be proactive and prepared so that, if there is a change, we already know the market and are able to inspect and control this sector, which is also important for several economies.”

Forecast for sports betting regulation

According to the SECAP secretary, the gambling market in Brazil is expected to triple in size in the coming months with the launch of the instant lottery market (scratch cards) and the regulation of sports betting. “We are going to practically triple this sector, in addition to bringing income and activity to the country, it has all social destinations. It is a market that in a short period of time will have tripled in size”.

Gustavo Guimarães also emphasized that sports betting needs to be regulated by the end of 2022. “It is important to highlight that there are several countries that have already advanced in this discussion, their markets are already regulated. Some in processes like ours, in a regulatory process. We have a legal deadline, the law gave it until December 31, 2022”.

And, he concluded: “But I usually say that the country is in a hurry, society is in a hurry and we have been working, as far as possible, to put this deadline in place as soon as possible. But, remembering that it will be a year of elections, the World Cup, the Winter Olympics, then, it is a favorable moment for this regulation to be in the market as soon as possible”.

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