Deputy Eduardo Bismarck supports the liberation of gambling and casinos in Brazil
Photo: Maryanna Oliveira/Câmara dos Deputados

Currently, the debate on sports betting and gambling regulation in Brazil is gaining momentum in the National Congress. The increasing presence of online bookmakers in Brazil, providing classic online casino games, is helping to advance the discussion on the Regulatory Framework for Gambling.

Therefore, a working group was created in the Chamber of Deputies by President Arthur Lira (PP-AL). In addition to this proposal, which may be taken to the plenary later this year, two other texts are also receiving attention from parliamentarians.

According to Pagina3, the bill (PL) 5319/19 authorizes the exploration of gambling only in integrated resorts and entertainment centers. While PL 5234/20 aims to classify hotel-casinos as service providers in the tourism segment.

These changes in legislation seek to provide greater legal certainty to a growing market. After all, millions of Brazilians already make sports betting online, moving around 4 billion, according to a preliminary study by the Ministry of Economy and the BNDES (National Development Bank).

Deputy Eduardo Bismarck believes that gambling can boost the economy

In addition, the return of casinos can help in the resumption of tourism and the generation of work in one of the sectors most impacted by the pandemic in the country. According to supporters, these two factors could facilitate congressional approval, even with resistance from the evangelical bench.

“One cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that gambling activity in Brazil is widely exercised and accepted by Brazilian society, even though it is illegal,” said Federal Deputy Eduardo Bismarck (PDT-CE) in a recent event.

Bismarck added: “In other words, the fact that gambling is illegal does not prevent this practice from occurring, on the contrary, it makes its results perverse, given that the resources that could be supplying public coffers are reverted for the corruption of public agents or for the fund of large criminal organizations”.

In the deputy’s view, the release of integrated casinos will be beneficial to national tourism. “The decriminalization of games of chance in leisure resorts and casino hotels authorized by a regulatory body designated by the Federal Executive Branch is meritorious, considering its beneficial effects for society.”

Regulatory Framework for Gambling

After the evaluation of the working group in the Chamber, the Regulatory Framework for Gaming must be sent to the plenary and some actions are being taken to make it happen in November. According to an article by Veja, the deputies are analyzing the possibility of dividing the presentation of the project.

The first part would focus on the concession for casino resorts in Brazil, while the second would deal with the taxation of internet gambling. The last part stipulates that the federal government would become solely responsible for the concession of gaming houses in Brazil. Thus, a regulatory body must be created to oversee operations and combat irregularities.