Deputy Felipe Carreras defends the Gambling Regulatory Framework for Brasil
Photo: Chamber of Deputies

Federal Deputy Felipe Carreras (PSB), rapporteur of the new Gambling Regulatory Framework, declared that “the time has come to end hypocrisy”, since the gaming market, even in an irregular manner, exists in the national territory. In a recent interview to Rádio Jornal, the politician stressed that the project could open new job vacancies, boost tourism and generate resources for the government.

“The time has come to put an end to hypocrisy, to regulate something that, for the most part, is already present in our country’s culture. Besides, when we talk about the big international casinos, we talk about billionaire investments, we talk about projects that are successful in big nations. So the time has come to face this challenge that is posed for us, and we will work with dialogue, with solid arguments, explaining that this will generate taxes, jobs, at a time when Brazil needs a major resumption of international tourism”, declared Carreras.

In addition, the deputy stressed that the matter cannot be ignored due to bad experiences registered in some places. The rapporteur of the new Gambling Regulatory Framework stressed that he will seek congressmen and representatives of evangelical churches to detail the project and prepare a proposal that has the support of religious.

“If we go to the suburbs of Recife today, or any other capital, there is a church and next to it there is an animal game stand. The people there, with the board, working and supporting their family. This is the real Brazil. So, let’s talk to several colleagues from the Evangelical Bench, many are sensitive”, stressed the deputy.

In addition, Carreras reinforced that only those who want to participate in these activities will: “Let’s talk to the churches. Why not use part of this resource to be collected for entities linked to churches to recover drug addicts?”, he concluded.

Gambling Regulatory Framework

Last week, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), created a working group with the intention of discussing a new Gambling Regulatory Framework, based on bill PL-442/91, which is in progress for three decades at the Casa.

This group is led by deputy Bacelar (Pode-BA), president of the Chamber’s Tourism Committee, with Felipe Carreras himself as rapporteur. The closing date for the work on the proposal that regulates gambling in Brazil is three months.

The other deputies who are part of the working group are: Herculano Passos (MDB-SP), Otávio Leite (PSDB-RJ), Newton Cardoso Jr (MDB-MG), Augusto Coutinho (SDD-PE), Marx Beltrão (PSD- AL), Leur Lomanto Júnior (DEM-BA), Bibo Nunes (PSL-RS),) and Vermelho (PSD-PR).