Regulation of casinos in Brazil is again discussed in Congress

With public debts that compromise a large part of GDP, the increase in the number of unemployed and the rise in inflation, the COVID-19 pandemic has further affected the country’s economy. In order to obtain more resources for the public coffers, Congress is mobilizing to approve a proposal that allows the return of casinos in Brazil.

The difficulty remains the same that generated the prohibition of the practice even in the 1940s: ethical, moral and religious issues. The matter remains a taboo in Congress, however, it has been gaining momentum, as occurred at the ministerial meeting in April last year, when the then Minister of Tourism Marcelo Álvaro Antônio said he was in favor of “discussing the resorts integrated with casinos”.

Minister Damares Alves, on the other hand, was radically opposed to the possibility. Despite the change in the Tourism portfolio and the arrival of Gilson Machado, the view of advocates for the legalization of casinos in Brazil remains the same, in order to contribute to the resumption of the economy.

This fact is based on the increase of companies in the segment across the planet, such as LeoVegas, which continues to integrate emerging players in the gaming sector. The Swedish group’s last action was the purchase of Expekt.

Projects regarding the return of casinos in Brazil in progress at the Congress

Bill of Law (PL) 2648, of 2019, by Senator Roberto Rocha (PSDB / MA), is one of the most advanced in the National Congress that contemplates the return of casinos in Brazil, defining the “exploitation of casinos for a determined time and operation games authorized by the Union only in integrated leisure complexes ”.

However, there are those who disagree with the text, as it only allows the opening of game centers linked to luxury hotels, which would require time and could limit Brazilian companies interested in regularizing their game modalities, in addition to vetoing the integration of these businesses large companies, such as LeoVegas and Expekt.

In a conversation with Arko Advice, the PL rapporteur, Senator Ângelo Coronel (PSD-BA) commented on the relevance of debating the issue promptly to accelerate the recovery of the country’s economy. “The project can be a means of leveraging the country’s economic recovery,” he pointed out.

However, this project is not the only one that refers to the theme. PLS 186/2014, by Senator Ciro Nogueira (PP-PI), is also being discussed in the Senate and consists of the legalization of video games, videobingo, bingos, animal games, online casinos, sports betting and casinos in integrated leisure centers.