Gambling Commission launches three-year plan to reduce gambling-related risks

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Gambling Commission launches three-year plan to reduce gambling-related risks

The Gambling Commission hopes that its three-year strategy will create a well-regulated market in which players can feel confident and protected. The aim of the authority is to make the game fairer in the UK.

Through surveys, the Commission identified five goals to achieve the desired level for the gambling and betting market. The first objective is to protect children and vulnerable people, but the agency noted that rates of gambling problems in this area are not falling. Therefore, the mission will be to improve the standards of license holders and improve public policy.

Creating a fairer market and making customers more informed came in second place. After all, the data shows that people who think the game is fair dropped from 49% in 2008 to 29% in 2020. The Gambling Commission will ensure that new products meet their standards and will inform the public in an accurate and simple way.

The authority also aims to eliminate criminality from gambling to maintain the confidence of gamblers. This will be achieved by combating illegal providers, preventing money laundering and overseeing the integrity of betting and event handling risks.

With the National Lottery license up for grabs in 2023, the regulator wants to successfully transition the lottery. Therefore, the fourth intention will focus on supporting the lottery through its change of license holder.

Gambling Commission will assist in the governmental review of the Gambling Law

Finally, improving gambling regulation is a priority for the Gambling Commission, especially with the revision of the 2005 Gambling Law. The authority will assist the government throughout this analysis process by providing data and insights, as well as assessing its own. service.

Today, the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) is reevaluating the UK Gaming Law. And the Commission is aware that the completion of this work can happen during the term of this new plan and is prepared to promote necessary adjustments and changes.