Puerto Rico projects regulation of sports betting until April this year

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Puerto Rico plans to launch betting market until April this year
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The new executive director of the Puerto Rico Gaming Commission, Orlando Rivera Carrión, said the government plans to launch its betting market by April this year. However, there are still a few steps to complete to complete the process.

The aim is to introduce the new local service before the opening of the Major League Baseball (MLB) season in the United States. Baseball league officials want to return to training in February to resume official matches at the beginning of April.

In the final stretch of his term, the former governor of Puerto Rico, Wanda Vazquez Garced signed the Senate Project 1534, providing the opportunity for the creation of the sports betting and eSports industry.

The intention was “to allow new activities and companies to create jobs, as well as new sources of revenue to support government programs and essential services”.

But, before the market is made official, it is necessary to define a budget to complete the regulatory process. “The Sports Betting Division has no budget. We need some to be provided to finalize the regulation, ”said the director.

Puerto Rico sports leagues may veto or allow gambling to be used

Regarding the rejection of some segments, Carrión ensured that each professional sports championship will have the ability to establish whether its events can be used for betting or not.

In case of acceptance, the leagues would have their own arrangement with the betting companies and would receive a sum from them, although it is not yet clear whether it would be a part related to the games played.

In addition, the new director of the Puerto Rico Gaming Commission has minimized the fear associated with sports betting due to issues of sports integrity.

Also according to Carrión, it is “difficult for the athlete to sell himself” in Puerto Rico and guaranteed that the new activity will generate extra income for the industry, something higher than the values ​​obtained with video game machines.