Supreme Federal Court president sets for April 7 trial that can legalize gambling in the country

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STF president sets for April 7 trial that can legalize gambling in the country
STF President, Luiz Fux (Photo: Agencia Brasil)

This Thursday, the 17th, the President of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), Minister Luiz Fux announced the schedule of trials for the 37 plenary sessions scheduled for the first six months of next year.

The Supreme Court has given priority to evaluating cases that have to do with issues that deal with both economic and civil liberties. Therefore, one of the main points on the agenda for 2021 is the forecast for analysis in the Full STF of RE 966.177, that is, of the so-called “games of chance”.

According to the calendar presented by Fux, the trial should take place on April 7 and address the typical nature of the conduct of establishing and exploiting games of chance, dismissed by the contested judgment based on the precepts of free initiative and fundamental freedoms.

RE 966.177

In addition, the matter was evaluated as having general repercussions in November 2016. And, the reporter of the trial will be the President of the STF, Minister Luiz Fux.

Therefore, this analysis by the Minister of the Supreme Court can be decisive to reverse the current prohibition of the gaming market in Brazil and to lead the practice of legality in the national territory in a more accelerated way.

Fux informs that pandemic judgments will have priority in the Supreme Court

In addition to the question of gambling in Brazil, the Supreme Court will also judge the right to be forgotten, the right to reply in communication vehicles, the sale of alcoholic beverages on highways and football stadiums, the shares of Brazilian productions in sector enterprises audiovisual, among other topics.

An agenda that tends to generate a lot of repercussions in the coming months is the one that will determine the manner in which the testimony of the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, will take place in Inquiry 4831. This trial is expected to happen in February.

However, the president of the STF made a point of stressing that the agendas related to the pandemic of the new coronavirus will have priority in the first half of 2021.