Senator presents Integrated Resorts Proposal to the President of Embratur

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Senator Shows Proposed Integrated Resorts to President of Embratur
Photo: Agencia Senado

The tourism sector was one of the most affected due to the new coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, measures are being discussed by companies, experts and authorities to boost the sector in the country again. Thus, the proposal to release integrated resorts is gaining momentum.

Recently, Senator Irajá Silvestre Filho presented his bill (PL) 4495/20 to the president of Embratur (Brazilian Agency for International Tourism Promotion), Gilson Machado at a meeting.

The amendment provides for the expansion of tourism in the country through the implementation of integrated resorts throughout the national territory. All PL information can be accessed here.

According to the Senate website, the proposal was sent for publication in the Federal Senate Plenary (Minutes and Diaries Secretariat) on September 8. In a post on social media, the senator detailed his meeting with Gilson Machado.

Senator defends bet on integrated resorts to stimulate tourism in Brazil

“I presented to the President of Embratur a project with the potential to double the number of foreign tourists in Brazil. I was with the president of Embratur, Gilson Machado, to present the details of the bill of my authorship PL 4495/20 that stimulates Brazilian tourism with the arrival of Integrated Resorts.

Along with federal deputies Eduardo Bolsonaro and Hélio Lopes and friend and TV presenter Alvaro Garnero, I spoke about the importance of this business model for our country.

The integrated resorts are tourist complexes formed by hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, spaces for shows and attractions, sports areas, convention centers and casinos.

The investment potential is R $ 44 billion with the generation of 161 thousand jobs, R $ 18 billion in taxes per year and generate R $ 5 billion with the grants (concessions) that will allow the construction of 70 thousand popular houses. The expectation is to double the number of foreign tourists from 6 million (today) to 12 million in 5 years.

We now have to create the legal framework for the installation of these projects in Brazil. We cannot wait for the reopening of world tourism to think about new attractions for foreign tourists. The time is now!”