Senator Defends Legalization of Gambling in Brazil and is Praised by Paulo Guedes

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 Senator Defends Legalization of Gambling in Brazil and is Praised by Paulo Guedes
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This Wednesday, the 5th, the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes participated in a hearing of the Mixed Tax Reform Commission. Among the topics discussed, the project to create a new payment tax, compared to the old CPMF and the legalization of gambling in Brazil.

During the discussion, Paulo Guedes commented that comparing the new rate to the old CPMF was “evil or ignorance”. “Even Deputy Aguinaldo (Ribeiro) committed a certain excess, because he suggested that Netflix and Google already existed in the Middle Ages, because he said that digital [transaction] tax is a medieval tax”, said the minister.

Deputy João Roma (Republicanos-BA) evaluated the conversation as a kick-start to debate the points proposed by the Federal Government for Tax Reform.

“This was a meeting of maturity, of decanting aspects. I think it was possible for the minister to understand the tone, of what the parliament can agree or not,” said Roma.

Legalization of gambling in Brazil was suggested to Paulo Guedes

The issue of the release of games in Brazil was also part of the debate, which took place by videoconference. The topic was raised by the Angolan senator from Bahia, Angelo Coronel (PSD).

He pointed out to Minister Paulo Guedes the need to fight smuggling, as well as legalize gambling, to obtain new resources for public coffers.

In addition, the senator defended that the measures could help in the process of exemption from the production segment. “He even praised me, said it was a bold proposal. I will send everything to him, it is the solution for Brazil,” said the senator.

According to the Bahian politician, Brazil is one of the three nations that are part of the G20 and have not released the practice of games. In addition to Brazil, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia also prohibit these activities today.

In the G8, all participating countries opted to legalize the gaming industry. Also according to Colonel, Brazil is also the only component of Mercosur that has not yet legalized the segment.