Gambling Legalization Project in Brazil Returns to Debate in Brasilia

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 Legalization of Gambling in Brazil
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The debate on the legalization of gambling in Brazil continues in the National Congress. In addition, the political groups are already debating the destination of the amounts collected with the taxes related to the new segment.

That’s because the bullet bench believes that the Federal Government intends to count on the Ministry of Public Security again. According to the Antagonist, the forecast is that the paste will be recreated by the month of October. Therefore, the members of the group are already beginning to discuss ways to guarantee the budget of the new ministry.

Apparently, the president of the republic Jair Bolsonaro should share the ministry currently occupied by André Mendonça shortly after the approval of autonomy by the Central Bank (BC) by Congress.

However, the return of the Ministry of Public Security does not excite the leadership of the parties, since the Government does not yet have a fund to cover the costs of the new portfolio. Therefore, the tendency is for Public Security to rely only on parliamentary amendments and redistribution of values.

For this reason, the Bullet Bench is analyzing the use of the bill (PL) by Ciro Nogueira, which refers to the legalization of gambling in Brazil, to define the budget of the new portfolio.

The PL text provides for the return of casinos and even to regulate the game of the animal. Therefore, the funds obtained with taxes for the sector would be passed on to the new ministry.

Legalization of gambling in Brazil to promote public security

Still according to Antagonista, the legalization of gambling in Brazil as a mechanism to foster and finance the actions of the new ministry does not yet have many allies in Brasilia.

Because the liberation of this sector clashes with the positioning of the evangelical bench, which has already been publicly opposed to this possibility last year.