Bolsonaro’s Decree Formalizes the Qualification of the Lottery Service ‘Fixed Quota Bets’ in the PPI Portfolio

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 Bolsonaro Decree Formalizes Sports Betting Lottery Service
President Jair Bolsonaro. Photo: Agencia Brasi

Decree nº 10.467 / 2020, signed by President Jair Bolsonaro, formalized the qualification in the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) and insertion in the National Privatization Plan (PND) of the lottery modality of Fixed Quota Betting, also known as sports betting .

Basically, this is a public and specific operation of the Union, which can now be transferred to the private initiative both by authorization and by concession. According to the measure, a period will be defined for assessments to be made on the style of the privatization project.

According to an official note, the “initiative contributes to expand investment opportunities, stimulate the economy, increase revenue and generate jobs”.

Sports betting can help generate new jobs

According to the special secretary of the Investment Partnerships Program of the Ministry of Economy (SPPI / ME), Martha Seillier, after the successful Lotex process, promoted last year, the project is moving towards covering yet another lottery modality, aiming to expand partnerships and receive more investments.

One of the types of privatization studied is the concession, adopted in the case of Lotex. On the occasion, the Italian-American company that won the competition paid about 818 million reais to the Union for the service.

The undersecretary of Prizes and Sweepstakes of the Secretariat for Evaluation of Public Policies, Planning, Energy and Lottery of the Ministry of Economy (Secap / ME), Waldir Marques, affirmed that the Federal Government’s intention is for potential interested parties to start the sports betting operation of regularly in national territory.

“According to data from the specialized press, it is estimated that Brazilians send R $ 2 to 8 billion a year abroad on international websites, while the modality is not regulated in the country,” said Marques.

He added: “This indicates that the legalization of sports betting in Brazil will bring greater security to bettors, generating employment and income with the legalization of the sport, in addition to improving national sports integrity. And, that is the condition for sports may be objects of betting ”.

It is worth mentioning that the decision to add the sports betting modality to the PPI offer was taken at the 13th Meeting of the Program Council, still in June.