Jockey Club Brasileiro increases Pick 7 bonus and excites bettors this year

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Jockey Club Brasileiro increases Pick 7 bonus and excites bettors this year

The action of the new board of the Brazilian Jockey Club, led by Raul Lima Neto, to raise the Pick 7 bonus, promptly won support from bettors in Rio de Janeiro. The reaction of the General Betting Movement at the meetings in Gávea was very positive, according to a report on the website Raia Leve.

By the weekend, even with the change of lane, the grass track had been cleared, however, the occurrence of a storm just before the events meant that the common runs were transferred to the sand. Even so, MGA was the highest of the week, with R $ 874 thousand.

The holding of three group disputes, the Grand Prix (GPs) Almirante Tamandaré, Frederico Lundgren and Mariano Procópio interfered in the popular reaction. But, the chance to win a significant amount excited the players. Without the storm in place, the MGA could have passed the million dollar mark.

Betting plans for the end of the year

In addition, Tuesday’s meeting was again satisfactory. The MGA exceeded the amount of R $ 740 thousand, an amount above the total of second bets, of R $ 692 thousand. The expectation among bettors, regarding the opportunity to win a considerable prize before the end of the year festivities, is growing.

The recent disclosure, during the races, of the bonus of 250 thousand reais for the meeting next weekend, excited the tourists. Some bettors have already started commenting on the possibility of joining groups of friends and acquaintances to share a higher Pick 7, hit the jackpot and share the profit.

According to the Raia Leve report, the projection for Rio de Janeiro’s turf is very optimistic this year, despite all the obstacles faced with the pandemic. Thus, the racetrack goers and bettors are confident in the possibilities for the sport for 2021.