ARC waives betting fees on public races in England

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ARC waives betting fees on public races in England by the end of 2020

The Arena Racing Company (ARC) has declared that it will waive entry fees for bookmakers at all races where the public will be allowed from December 2 in England.

Earlier this week, the UK government announced that outdoor sporting events in low-risk areas could return after the second blockade expires on December 2.

A maximum of 4,000 fans will be allowed to enter venues in level one areas, with up to 2,000 people released in level two regions, but none at level three.

The news represents the first time since March that viewers will be able to watch live sports in England.

ARC announces tax exemption for certain regions

As a result, race track operator ARC said it would not charge betting officials on any of its 52 remaining races in 2020.

ARC racing division director Mark Spincer said: “We are looking forward to more information on regional levels and to determining which locations we can admit spectators in England.”

Spincer continued: “But we are in the process of ensuring that fans and other professionals involved in the races can enjoy the experience of watching races as quickly and safely as possible.”

One of the betting agents, Keith Johnson, added: “This support will be indispensable for the benefit of many in the industry and will be greatly appreciated”.

He further stated that “as restrictions are eased, we can begin to look to the future with more confidence and work together to bring some excitement back to the betting market.”

According to official information, the UK accounts for 1.5 million positive cases of the new coronavirus with more than 56,000 victims. The increase in cases in the “second wave” led the local government to enact severe measures of social distance for the second time.