Hipódromo da Gávea Records Record Bets

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 Carioca Turf General Betting Movement Recorded New Record

The General Betting Movement (MGA) of the Rio de Janeiro turf achieved a historic mark with a record of bets on August 4, at the Hippodrome of Gávea. The amount of R $ 856 thousand was considered quite expressive due to the realization of only nine matches.

It is worth mentioning that all the races were played on a sand track. The fact is that this point ended up contributing to this significant collection. This is because the player relied on the streak definition for his retrospective assessments.

In other programs of the week, with the heavy streak, there were numerous farfaits, in the walls planned for the grass. And, certain competitors, both new and unpublished, continued in the races despite the alteration of the track.

In general, these questions cause doubts in the players of the game, which the participants will really surrender in the heavy streak, since the will of the responsible ones would be to compete in the grass.

Even so, the General Betting Movement registered on Sunday, August 2, registered the second best in the series of three programs, with approximately 768 thousand reais collected.

The lack of certain thoroughbreds, which were removed due to the modification of the runway, made it impossible to reach the R $ 800,000 mark.

On the following day, bets at around 726 thousand were considered satisfactory, as they presented a similar yield to the previous week. Therefore, the Secretariat of the Racing Commission chose to hold three more meetings that week.

Resumption of the turf in Rio de Janeiro

After a period of uncertainty due to social distance measures to combat the new coronavirus pandemic, the turf in Rio de Janeiro seeks to resume its commitments. Therefore, the schedule for the next few days is already ready.

In addition, the biggest event of the national turf, GP Brasil, is guaranteed and scheduled for September 26, 27 and 28.