Exclusivo: Rafael Lopes assegura que a Nuvei está pronta para a transicão regulatória no Brasil

Rafael Lopes, Global Director at Nuvei, shared his perspectives on the Brazilian iGaming market in a recent interview at the largest betting fair in Latin America.

The 2024 edition of BiS SiGMA Americas marked the company’s debut as an exhibitor. “As a Canadian company coming to the Brazilian market, it is very important to be here. This is the first year that we are exhibiting in Brazil; in other countries, we have already exhibited with the group,” he said.

According to Lopes, PIX will continue to reign on the national scene

When discussing regulatory expectations, Lopes commented: “As expected, the ordinance (on payment methods) came in line with our expectations. We already expected not to have the possibility of credit cards, cryptocurrencies. We understand that PIX will continue to be the king within this industry, which is great.”

He also emphasized Nuvei’s ability to manage fraud prevention effectively. “We have good control over that, a good ability to prevent fraud in various formats.”

Furthermore, the director of Nuvei highlighted that the company has extensive experience in this process of moving to a fully regulated sector. “We are very used to this process of transitioning from an unregulated market to a regulated market.”

“The main message is that we are ready for what’s to come,” he added.