BiS SiGMA Américas is the most important event in the iGaming, Bettech and Sports Betting ecosystem in Latin America. This year’s edition takes place between April 24th and 25th at the Transamérica Expo Center in São Paulo and will bring together more than 240 exhibitors in an intense program of meetings, panels and negotiations.

Eightroom arrives at the event with a different position than last year, when the focus was on presenting its payments solution, Vpag, to the market.

This year, the company seeks to deepen connections with its business partners and celebrate the results of the good initiatives worked on over the last few months.

Regarding the current situation in the market, it is important to understand that sustainable progress requires a holistic approach, which involves not only individual companies, but also the evolutionary capacity of all the components that form the mechanism of this sector.

By promoting an effective collaboration of synergies between operators and high-value players, for example, Eightroom’s products seek to solve real problems on one side, with solutions that meet the interests of the other.

And although competition is inherent to the business environment, an integrated and cooperative approach between different fronts can significantly accelerate market maturation, allowing new ideas and technologies to flourish more quickly.

We spoke with Rodrigo Alves, Head of Content at Eightroom, who shared with us part of his vision regarding expectations for the event:

“BiS SiGMA is today one of the biggest events in the industry, and being able to connect with colleagues and partners, within Brazil, which is our home, is a reason for great celebration for us […] This year we seek to have a more welcoming and sustainable, and thus provide closer ties and connections with our old and new friends in the market”

With an eye on this upcoming edition, Eightroom and Vpag will be present with a shared double stand in a modular structure that values ​​sustainability in the use of its resources and materials.

The company’s entire team will be available to welcome customers and partners with a special selection of hospitality. A team of 18 representatives, made up of directors and specialists from areas such as payment, marketing and sales, will be available to assist those looking for a first contact with Eightroom’s products and solutions. Meetings can be scheduled through this link.

The celebratory atmosphere also extends to the BiS AWARDS, the event’s official awards ceremony where Vpag was nominated for the Best Payment Method award and Eightroom in the Best Affiliation Company category.

An important recognition not only for the work developed institutionally in this last cycle, but also for the solid results that the company delivered to its partners and customers.

It is worth remembering that through its Marketing products, Vpag Wallet and Vpag Flash, Eightroom has the trust of more than 50 operators, is ready to operate in a regulated market in Brazil and will deliver more than 350,000 new first depositors in 2024 of high value to its partners in the Brazilian market.

Other aspects can be highlighted in Eightroom’s presence in this edition: Thiago Tobias, Board Member, will participate in the Panel “The Importance of Payment Methods in the Competitiveness of Online Game Operators”, to be held on April 25th, at 3:41 pm, on Stage Itaim.

In addition, the company’s management is also preparing to announce a robust set of innovations related to payment and marketing solutions with a focus on user UX.

Regarding the last topic, Marcos Coura, Product and Innovation Manager at Eightroom, highlights: “In a very short time we have made a lot of progress in the recently launched Eightroom Labs and we are ready to present to the market a new family of products to increase productivity in the affiliation market.

These are innovative products that will help build new paradigms of conversion and deposit experience for users”

As BiS SiGMA Americas 2024 approaches, it is essential to reflect on the importance of this event for the iGaming, Bettech and Sports Betting ecosystem in Brazil and Latin America.

This is a time of convergence, where industry leaders come together to share insights, explore new opportunities and strengthen the foundations of an industry in constant evolution.

For Eightroom and Vpag, participating in this meeting is not just a matter of business, but rather a commitment to collective advancement and responsible innovation. It is also an opportunity to connect with colleagues, customers and partners, be inspired by best practices and contribute to the sustainable development of a dynamic and promising market.