Exclusivo Tim Scoffham afirma que WA.Technology quer ‘dar forma’ ao negócio no Brasil

ICE London said goodbye to England in style. For Tim Scoffham, CEO of WA.Technology, the event was spectacular. “Everyone knows this is the last year in London. Which is a shame, but it’s a fantastic show.”

Furthermore, he detailed the company’s effort to promote companies at the main fair in the gambling market. “As a B2B, this is quite complex as you walk through this conference.”

What to expect from WA.Technology in 2024?

Exclusively to the iGaming Brazil portal, Tim Scoffham highlighted that the group’s strategic foundations were launched in 2023, predicting considerable growth in 2024.

“The foundations we have laid to enable us to make developments across our platforms in terms of customization, security, providing a complete data set, as well as continuing to enhance the suite of products within our free to play program and sophisticated games to accompany our casinos and sports betting”, he detailed.

Furthermore, the CEO of WA.Technology also stated that the company intends to replicate Brazil’s business model in other markets. “It is expansion through the Latin American market. We are doing very well in Brazil. So we want to shape our model in the country and try to replicate some of these learnings in other markets.”

“We recently launched in Mexico, which will be a hub for the rest of Latin America”, also citing the interest in the African industry. Therefore, the company closed an agreement with NE Group to launch WA.Africa. The objective of the strategic partnership is to offer personalized platforms aimed at new ventures in the region.

“We are trying to implement and monetize all the foundations we laid in 2023,” he concluded.