Exclusivo: Rodrigo Alves fala da estratégia da Eightroom & VPAG para 2024

The last edition of ICE London in 2024 was very beneficial for Eightroom & Vpag‘s strategy according to Rodrigo Alves. He said that the fair is a business promoter due to the “opportunities that arise, conversations with customers and closed contracts”.

He highlighted that Brazil was once again on the agenda with “numerous companies wanting to understand and join the Brazilian market. And, we are a reference in this.”

What to expect from Brazil in 2024?

Asked about expectations for this year, Alves highlighted that the Brazilian market must continue to professionalize and evolve.

He recalled that the company established itself in affiliate marketing, but through the financial product, Vpag, it took a step towards the iGaming market.

“This solution covers not only the payment processor, but also our wallet, the Vpag Wallet. In 2024, this will be our highlight.”


Furthermore, Rodrigo Alves stated that the company has been following the entire regulatory process since 2018. “We always seek to understand what the legislator is bringing so that we can make the necessary adjustments.”

“On the marketing side, we are concerned about following the rules of the Conar annex (National Advertising Self-Regulation Council). Everything we are doing is being oriented to be in accordance with Brazilian regulations”, he concluded.