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The agreement and operational partnership marks a significant step in expanding WA.Technology and WA.Lottery‘s reach into new markets.

Lottery.com‘s global growth strategy targets the African market, the Pacific region, Brazil and other parts of Latin America.

WA.Technology sees great momentum for online lotteries

Under this alliance, WA.Technology will extend its full spectrum of iGaming platform solutions and manage day-to-day operational activities to support Lottery.com‘s expansion. This will cover a range of services including:

  • Affiliate Strategies
  • Lead generation
  • Comprehensive legal, compliance and regulatory services
  • Financial management

The goal is to maximize Lottery.com’s earning potential in global markets in the coming years.

The agreement was signed at a very favorable global time for lotteries. Online lotteries are currently experiencing substantial growth, driven by the growing popularity of mobile and online lottery sales.

WA.Technology, with its leading WA.Lottery solutions, helps existing and new lottery operators to capitalize by seeking new opportunities in the markets where they operate.

Tim Scoffham, CEO of WA.Technology, expressed his excitement. “This is a fantastic step in WA.Technology’s journey and we are thrilled to be on board with this esteemed lottery brand.

We love your vision to create a global lottery destination and are thrilled that Lottery.com has chosen us to be your operating partner.

With over 200 team members around the world, we are perfectly positioned to support and help them achieve their goals and see their vision come to life.”

WA.Lottery: Ultimate Toolkit for Online Lotteries

Matthew McGahan, CEO and President of Lottery.com, also commented on the deal: “Our new relationship with WA.Technology marks a pivotal moment in Lottery.com’s growth strategy.

So, we want to take advantage of the growing South American market. We know WA’s operational efficiency and proven experience in this region. So we are ready to significantly increase our global presence.

Therefore, this collaboration allows us to more efficiently focus on U.S. ticketing operations, the relaunch of the WinTogether sweepstakes business and the launch of Sports.com.”

McGahan added: “We are confident that the purchase of WA.Technology’s platform and its comprehensive iGaming solutions will complement our vision of global expansion. Let’s make Lottery.com a household name in the world of lotteries.”

Therefore, WA.Technology’s commitment to this new agreement reflects the company’s dedication to global expansion and its ability to provide customized solutions across a wide range of global markets with a significant impact on online lotteries.

In this way, WA.Lottery, WA.Technology‘s specialized lottery vertical, is the definitive toolkit for new lottery ventures. So, with this tool you can have:

  • More than 70 global lotteries
  • Customized games, such as sweepstakes and scratch cards
  • Ecommerce platforms with extensive payment options
  • Jackpot coverage
  • Intelligent management system that enhances user engagement and easily adapts to the needs of any lottery business.