ICE VOX: Ministério da Fazenda apresenta aprimoramento da legislação de apostas
José Francisco Manssur, da Secretaria Executiva do MF, fala no congresso Ice Vox/ Foto: Ascom MF/Divulgação

The special advisor to the Executive Secretariat of the Ministry of Finance, José Francisco Manssur, participates this week in the ICE VOX congress, promoted by ICE London World Regulatory Briefing (WRB) 2024, in London.

He participated in the panel “Ordem e Progresso, analyzing the new regulatory environment for gaming in Brazil”.

Manssur spoke about recent advances in the regulation of the betting sector in the country, highlighting the enactment of Law No. 14,790/2023, at the end of last year, which promoted the effective regulation of “bets” and online casinos.

“At ICE London 2024, Brazil has a betting law and is working on regulating this legislation,” said Manssur.

The special advisor to the Ministry of Finance highlighted that advances in regulation are already underway, with the preparation of a set of 12 ordinances on the topic throughout the year.

One of the ordinances will deal with certification laboratories, which will be responsible for analyzing the conformity of platforms, software and hardware used by the sector. Another ordinance will focus on advertising and advertising actions specific to the segment.

There will also be an ordinance specifying the opening and closing date of the first window for forwarding authorization requests by market agents.

Manssur reinforced that the goal is to establish a healthy market for all agents.

From the gamblers’ point of view, the intention is to avoid compulsive gambling and exposing the public to fraud. Therefore, he highlighted, there will be a strong monitoring system, which will generate benefits for companies, government and bettors.

Improvements to Brazilian betting legislation

The lottery modality called “fixed-odd betting” should have been regulated by the end of 2020 (two years after the publication of Law No. 13,756/2018, which legalized this modality), which was not fulfilled.

With the enactment of Law No. 14,790/2023, a lack of regulation was addressed.

Another advance was the creation of the Prizes and Bets Secretariat (SPA) of the Ministry of Finance (MF), as established by Decree No. 11,907, of the end of January.

The secretariat arrives to add to the MF structure and improve government actions, with special attention to the process of regulating the betting market.

Furthermore, the new authority will help fulfill the legal duties of the Ministry of Finance regarding lotteries and commercial promotions.


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