Exclusivo: Manuel Matos, da Super Afiliados, cita a importância do trabalho dos influenciadores para o mercado brasileiro

The Brazilian Lounge was a huge success during the SBC Summit Barcelona 2023. According to the commercial director of Super Afiliados, Manuel Matos, it was one of the most sought after stands during the event days in Spain.

“These events are essential for creating relationships and new business. The benefit of being at the Brazilian Lounge is that people are attracted and end up talking to us. The value it adds is fantastic.”

Furthermore, Matos mentioned the news that Super Afiliados has for the rest of this year. “A panel to be launched in beta in the coming weeks. Affiliates will be able to access statistics from all providers that promote everything in one place.”

“A course to be launched with Fernando Nogueira, teaching affiliates how to perform better within the market, he added.

Influencers and the Brazilian market

For the director of Super Afiliados, influencers help in the growth and consolidation of the Brazilian gambling market. “Influencers have helped us grow a lot. They are able to bring the end player closer to what happens behind the scenes in the industry.”

“There is already a concern about the compulsive aspect, we have affiliates talking about the likes of Ronald Lopes and Pedrão. They bring a final connection. It’s people connecting people, an entertainment area to have fun, spend a good time playing with friends or alone”, he explained.

Manuel Matos also highlighted that Brazilians make their decisions based on trust. “The issue with Brazil is this: very much based on trust. So, having someone who shows their face and invites you to play safely makes a difference for the player and also for the affiliates”, he concluded.

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