Exclusivo: Ricardo Magri ressalta importância da presença do Brazilian Lounge em eventos globais

The Brazilian Lounge is present at another event. This time, the ‘best place to do business with Brazilians’ is at the SBC Summit Barcelona 2023, serving as a base for several players in the country. Commercial director Ricardo Magri reiterated the importance of accompanying Brazilians at international conventions.

“The Brazilian Lounge is a clear sign of market growth. In the same way that startups take shared offices, the Brazilian Lounge decided to take a stand to call its own”, he explained.

“Any type of service provider can have its anchor and a corner at the fair to call its own and welcome customers. This is how the Brazilian Lounge was born, which comes with other marketing assets that accompany the delivery, such as the magazine. It has evolved into an industry editorial,” he added.

Furthermore, Magri highlighted the recent launch of the Brazilian Lounge Podcast. “The podcast is starting now and I have the pleasure of being one of the hosts and the guests are always people from the industry. The Brazilian Lounge was the missing platform for the podcast to have a theme, a title, a name, a reason.”

Brazilian Compulsivity Support Company

Ricardo Magri also spoke about the importance of responsible gambling and helping problem gamblers with actions based in Brazil.

“There is a characteristic of the mandatory market in the entire regulated market, which is responsible gaming. What you need to understand is that practice that begins to identify whether the player is developing addiction and is heading down a negative path.”

“EBAC (Brazilian Compulsivity Support Company) comes to help fill this void and offer a local solution to refer this user identified as problematic or possibly problematic”, he added.

For Magri, regulation should take a few months

For the commercial director of the Brazilian Lounge, the regulation should not be finalized in 2023. “We still have some victories to achieve, I think they will come in the future, but they should make the regulation take longer than we imagine”.

“I expect a good nine months, which will leave the market as it is – in a gray area – until there is a regulation that we hope will be healthy”, he concluded.

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