Soft2Bet on iGB Live innovative technology and partner celebration (1)
Soft2Bet on iGB Live innovative technology and partner celebration (1)

Soft2Bet, a renowned provider of B2B platforms, made a significant impact at the iGB Live 2023 conference in Amsterdam.

As one of the industry’s leading events, iGB Live brought together top names and new innovators, sharing insights, trends and projections in the online betting and affiliate marketing industries.

Commercial Director Gilad Naim had a dynamic presence at the conference. “Our participation in iGB Live was a testament to Soft2Bet’s commitment to fostering strong industry relationships and staying ahead of market trends.”

“We are continually evaluating expansion opportunities in different regulated markets and can say that we are excited about several potential markets and expect further global expansion this year.”

“Our expansion strategy is guided by the principle of guaranteeing fair and safe operations, which will continue to be the basis of our expansion strategy”, added Naim.

Soft2Bet on iGB Live: innovative technology and partner celebration

During the conference period, on July 12, Soft2Bet also held its own party, celebrating its partners and friends who have joined the provider’s team in Amsterdam.

The party, which took place in the magical atmosphere of the Fabrique des Lumieres museum, made a lasting impression on the guests.

The immersive show – a combination of music and video mapping projection onto the walls and floor – made paintings by Dali and other artists seem to come to life.

This experience was organically continued with a neon show of acrobats and dancers that plunged the audience into a phantasmagoria of images.

Among other attractions, the shisha zone outside the museum was especially popular, providing a relaxed atmosphere for high-level networking.

The party had already been a huge success before it even started: Soft2Bet had to expand the guest list from a planned 300 to 500 due to huge demand.

And after the party, people only talked about her – the best testament to her overwhelming success.

Soft2Bet and its high level services

Soft2Bet leverages events like iGB Live not only to gain insights and network with industry players, but also to showcase its innovative and customizable platform solutions, its unique gamification engine and other comprehensive parts of its product kit.

The company encourages other companies looking to stand out in the iGaming space to partner with Soft2Bet for an engaging, customer-centric approach to B2B iGaming solutions.