Exclusive Vacheh Sahakian highlights relevance of Latin America for FeedConstruct's business

During the BiS SiGMA Americas, Vacheh Sahakian (Business Development Executive at FeedConstruct) gave an exclusive interview to the iGaming Brazil portal. He highlighted the importance of Latin America for the company’s business, presented one of the main products and commented on the current need for risk management.

“Latin America is a region that is growing very fast, and has a lot of potential. As one of the industry’s leading companies, we see a lot of potential here and want to be a part of it. Until you find some beneficial connection to grow faster together”, he pointed out.

Regarding the development of innovative products, he insisted on highlighting Bet Guard’s functionalities. “This is a data processing system. We provide security facet data for our employees and everything to cover all the issues our partners might have”.

“This is a solution that combines everything to tackle risk management. The mission of this product is to cover all risks in the bet”, he added.

Vacheh Sahakian also reinforced the importance of promoting proper risk management. “Risk management is very important. There’s a lot of fraud going on in the industry, there’s a lot of bad stuff because people are always trying to find shortcuts. Our system is covering that.”

Check out the full interview with Vacheh Sahakian from FeedConstruct