Exclusive: Leonardo Baptista talks about Pay4Fun's focus on motorsport, eSports and expansion in 2024

Pay4Fun CEO Leonardo Baptista participated in the 2023 edition of BiS SiGMA Americas and praised the growth registered this year. “Impressive. With 20 years in the market, it is a joy to see an event like this in the Brazilian market. Brazil has been growing a lot in recent years”.

In addition, he added that he managed to close several deals at the conference, which took place from June 14 to 18. “The other two editions were fantastic and generated phenomenal business. I even said that on the first day here I got more business than at ICE London”.

Betting CPI in the Chamber of Deputies

Baptista also spoke about the progress made by the CPI on sports betting in the Chamber of Deputies. “We know how the entire market works and what it can and cannot do. Those questions, sooner or later, would come. For Pay4Fun, this first list of companies called, mainly, payment methods, does not surprise us either”.

“Pay4Fun today is the only company regulated and authorized by the Central Bank. We are available and the CPI is there to clarify things and bring more vision to the market”, he added.

Pay4Fun Plans

Leonardo Baptista also revealed that Pay4un applied to have its own PIX. “Today we work with four different PIX providers so as not to let anyone down, we only fall if the Central Bank falls. But it is much more interesting to have our own, we are literally becoming a bank”.

From that, the company had to postpone plans to expand to other countries in Latin America. “Expansion is scheduled for the beginning of 2024”, but that does not mean that the group will not continue to explore other possibilities later this year.

“We set foot in motorsport to be something different. The whole industry goes a lot into football. The idea is always to increase”, adding that “we are seeing eSports and our partnership with Furia, the largest eSports team in Brazil, with good eyes. We will work hard with them going forward”, he concluded.

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