Exclusive Eman Pulis, talks about expectations for the BiS SiGMA Americas that starts tomorrow
Exclusive Eman Pulis, talks about expectations for the BiS SiGMA Americas that starts tomorrow

iGaming Brazil had the opportunity to conduct an exclusive interview with Eman Pulis, founder of SiGMA Group, a global media and events company focused on the gaming, digital health, digital marketing and emerging technology sectors.

During the interview, Eman highlighted the importance of BiS SiGMA Americas for the Latin American region. Additionally, Pulis explained how the event will help boost the industry across the globe.

Check below the exclusive interview with Eman Pulis

iGaming Brazil – How will BiS SiGMA Americas be this year in São Paulo?

Eman Pulis – The SiGMA Americas Summit, in partnership with the Brazilian iGaming Summit, is a highly anticipated face-to-face gaming and emerging technology event dedicated to the Latin American region.

It will bring together operators, affiliates, policymakers and influential figures for three days of networking, exhibitions and conferences. With 16,000 square meters of carefully arranged exhibition space, attendees can explore various offerings. Panels and expert-led talks will provide valuable insight into the industry, while networking opportunities include dinners at top restaurants and a gala awards night featuring a charity art auction.

The event also incorporates the SiGMA Group’s marketing affiliation brand, AGS, and its emerging technology vertical, AIBC, creating additional value and crossover opportunities for delegates.

iGaming Brazil – Why this initiative to join the Brazilian group and promote the BiS fair?

Eman Pulis -With the live event space freed from the pressures of Covid, now is the ideal time to expand into emerging markets. After nearly a decade of steady organic growth, the company has been flooded with requests from operators, suppliers and affiliates to enter new markets, including Africa and Asia.

We have listened to these demands, and by merging SiGMA Americas with BiS, we are in a position to create an unrivaled experience in the Latin American region. Leveraging their industry knowledge, local presence and experienced team, we aim to establish a strong presence in this exciting market. We look forward to working even more closely with the São Paulo team in the coming years.

iGaming Brazil – Does the SiGMA Group intend to hold new events in the country or will it maintain this annual event?

Eman Pulis – We will certainly be back in Brazil next year, but SiGMA is always open to exploring new opportunities – especially in such an exciting and rapidly changing market.

Keep an eye on our website for next year’s full calendar of events.

iGaming Brazil – How many people among operators, regulators, legislators and the public are expected this year?

Eman Pulis – Expected to attract 6,000 to 8,000 attendees, the Summit will take place June 14-18 at the Transamerica Expo Center. Attendees can also look forward to 250 top-notch exhibitors in the exhibition pavilion.

Several regulators and policy makers are also lined up to participate, including Wesley Cardia, CEO of the Associação Nacional de Jogos e Loterias, Francisco Petronio, Superintendent of Lotteries of the State of Paraíba, Jhonatas Mendes Silva, Director of Lotteries of the State of Maranhão, and Thomas Jefferson Gonçalves Teixeira, Secretary of State for Partnerships and Investments.

iGaming Brazil – What is the differential that the SiGMA Group will bring to the event and what expectations do you have regarding the 3rd edition of the Brazilian iGaming Summit in São Paulo?

Eman Pulis – In addition to an expert-led conference, we are also hosting a special speed dating activity to help affiliates and operators connect on the 17th and a Centurion FC weigh-in in anticipation of fight night on the 16th.

BIS has a solid reputation in Brazil when it comes to hosting major events. We are delighted to be hosting our summit alongside them this year and look forward to a successful first event here.

iGaming Brazil – Do you think the next big market will be (is) Brazil, given the imminent regulation?

Eman Pulis – From an evolving regulatory landscape to increasing investment in infrastructure, Brazil certainly looks set to become a global hub for the gaming industry. The largest country in South America and the fifth largest in the world in terms of land area and population, it has a large domestic market with significant consumer purchasing power.

In recent years, Brazil has shown increased interest in regulatory reforms to attract foreign investment and stimulate economic growth. The government has implemented measures to improve the business environment and improve legal frameworks – particularly for the gaming sector. If these efforts are successful, they could create a more favorable environment for domestic and foreign companies to thrive.

Brazil has also witnessed growth in several sectors, including technology, renewable energy, e-commerce and financial services. The country has a vibrant startup ecosystem, mainly in cities like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, fostering innovation and attracting venture capital investments.

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