The potential of the gambling market in Brazil and in the world
The potential of the gambling market in Brazil and in the world

The isolation caused by the pandemic of the coronavirus (covid-19) provoked a revolution in customs, in personal relationships and, mainly, in the economy. In some segments, such as digital business, it broke paradigms, accelerated forecasts and boosted niche markets. Gambling, which involves the sector of games such as casinos and online betting, is an example. A survey conducted by the University of Lund, in Sweden, pointed out that the restriction of face-to-face sporting events increased the interest in online gaming platforms, which, in turn, encouraged new investments in platforms to meet the demand.

The numbers confirm this and all the strength of the business. Technavio’s “Global Gambling Market 2021-2025” report demonstrates that the global gambling market was valued at USD 443.2 billion and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 4% until 2025. Another study released by Mordor Inteligence points out that the segment will register a CAGR of 11.49% until 2026. The CAGR is the compound annual growth rate, that is, the rate necessary for an investment to be able to grow its balance. It is an important financial metric to evaluate the possibility of a business.

These rates tend to grow even more in the coming years, stimulated by the normalization of online activities, underway around the world. “The USA is an interesting paradigm for those who still have doubts about the great potential that gambling presents. The regulation that the betting sector has been going through in the country since 2018 has positively impacted the growth of the market and the consumer public. It serves as an example for Brazil, which is experiencing this reality now, and also presents a very promising scenario”, points out the specialist in the digital market, Flávio Raimundo.

Brazil is entering the route of investments in the segment

He refers to the expectation of the segment with the passage in the Federal Senate of bill 442/91, approved in the Chamber of Deputies in February 2022, which finally establishes the Regulatory Framework for Games in Brazil. The optimism is based on a scenario with a consistent number of senators in favor of the project and the new government’s position on leveraging the economy through tourism, one of the activities that would be impacted, for example, with the release of casinos. The path of regulation will establish rules that will make the segment even more attractive.

“Online betting already promotes great movement in digital business. With established rules, there will be an even greater impact on the entire chain, generating more jobs, opportunities and, consequently, an increase in revenue for the public coffers. The sector awaits this with anxiety to invest even more”, comments Flávio Raimundo. The segment numbers, even without regulation, are impressive in Brazil. In the online sports betting sector alone, more than 450 platforms operate in the country, with a projection, according to BNL Data, of earning BRL 12 billion in 2023, an increase of 71% compared to the BRL 7 billion billed in 2020.

Betting culture is an asset that makes the national market even more promising

Brazilians like to gamble. Football, a great national passion, is a thermometer that reveals this with intensity. Ten betting sites sponsor 19 of the 20 Série A clubs in the Brasileirão, with 12 of them being master sponsors. In addition, the regulation of games in order to establish a responsible and profitable market also has the support of a large part of society. Playtech, in partnership with the Toluna research platform, has produced a new edition of the Responsible Gaming Report in Latin America to assess the current online gambling scenario.

The results reveal that the public of bettors in Brazil sees the regulation of this market as a necessary step to reduce risks, increasing the security of users of online betting platforms, for example. In an online survey, 76% of respondents felt that the industry, which is regulated, can still evolve a lot, doing more so that there is accurate information about responsible gambling. In addition, 71% believe that the government should invest in clear guidelines to reduce the risks of the betting market.

São Paulo will host the first event dedicated to gambling in Brazil

Flávio Raimundo is one of the creators of Afiliados Brasil, the first and largest event on Affiliate Marketing held in the country, which reaches its tenth edition between May 25th and 27th, Frei Caneca Convention Center, in São Paulo, At the meeting, the first Gambling Brasil will take place at the same time, bringing together companies, agencies, advertisers, bloggers, youtubers, podcasters and other professionals involved in internet projects will gather at the Frei Caneca Convention Center, in São Paulo, to share knowledge about online sports betting in lectures and at a fair totally dedicated to the sector.

The event was presented to the market in last year’s edition of Afiliados Brasil. “We invite speakers and companies specialized in the segment to start preparing the market for this new scenario of opportunities”, emphasizes Flávio Raimundo. The Affiliate Marketing business model is a win-win partnership between those who produce content for the internet and companies that want to sell products (or infoproducts) and services online and it works as follows: the digital entrepreneur becomes perceived as a potential partner in the dissemination of products and services and, as a result, is paid by a platform when the product advertised is purchased. The results are converted into brand credibility and increased market share.

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Afiliados Brasil is the first and largest event on Affiliate Marketing held on Brazilian soil. Created by three professionals linked to the development and monetization of websites on the Internet, it aims to bring together not only bloggers and webmasters, but also affiliates, companies, agencies, advertisers and all types of users who are directly or indirectly linked to the development of projects.

Focused on the development of techniques and tactics to improve the income and sales of projects on the internet, Afiliados Brasil brings to Brazil the best speakers in the area, as well as some new talents in the art of monetization, with the aim of sharing, over three days, all secrets about monetization through affiliate programs.