SiGMA Americas takes place between the 14th and 17th of June in conjunction with the Brazilian iGaming Summit! (1)

The first edition of SiGMA Americas will be held between the 14th and 17th of June, together with the biggest betting event in Brazil, the Brazilian iGaming Summit. The event will be attended by the biggest players in the betting industry in Latin America, as well as major representatives of the segment worldwide.

Latin America is showing incredible promise in the global games industry, with growing opportunities attracting the attention of companies. With regulated markets experiencing rapid growth and new potential emerging markets, SiGMA Americas strategically planned its first event to connect its extensive network in the West with leading suppliers, operators and affiliates in Latin America.

Access the SiGMA Americas website and see how this will be a unique opportunity to explore the growth prospects of the gaming industry in the region.

SiGMA Americas – Brazil: a great market to be explored

A great opportunity arises in Latin America, Brazil – the largest and most populous country in the region. Even though the rules for retail and internet casino activities are still being evaluated by the Senate, everything indicates that the online gaming sector is destined to expand until it reaches the BRL 2.6 billion mark in the next 5 years. Check out some data about the sector in the country:

  • In 2018, Brazil’s Ministry of Economy embarked on a 4-year plan to create a competitive market for online and land-based sports betting. The plan builds alongside a federal law passed the same year that recognized fixed-odds betting as a legitimate lottery activity.
  • In February 2022, lawmakers passed a new bill, with the Chamber of Deputies voting in favor of regulating online and retail gaming – thus setting the framework for the potential launch of a new regulated market. The bill still needs to pass the Senate before it can be signed into law.
  • Up to 31 land-based casino resorts were authorized as of Feb. 23, with additional licenses offered for riverboats and cruise ships.
  • According to the 2022 survey by Statistica, football is the most popular sport among Brazilian gamblers, followed by basketball, eSports and poker – while MMA completes the top 5.

The merger of the Brazilian iGaming Summit with the SiGMA Group

The SiGMA Group recently announced the purchase of the Brazil iGaming Summit (BiS), the largest conference focused on the betting market in Latin America. This acquisition will help consolidate its existing portfolio of businesses, as well as establish a notable presence in this exciting developing market.

Given that there are now opportunities for in-person events without Covid restrictions, this is the most conducive time to scale up business in emerging markets. In the last nine years there has been organic and steady growth in the market.

As a result, the SiGMA Group was asked – by numerous operators, suppliers and affiliates – to expand into promising markets, such as Africa, Asia and Latin America. Because of this, it was decided to jointly hold SiGMA Americas and BiS – events that will provide an unparalleled experience in Latin America.