ICE London 2023 set a new attendance record. Overall numbers which remain subject to independent audit confirm that last week’s celebration of the international gaming industry was shared by over 40,000 unique attendees – the first time the spectacle has broken this record.

The total compares to the 36,000 who attended ICE 2020 – the last pre-pandemic edition of ICE – and the 24,000 who attended the reduced edition of the conference that was held in April 2022.

Stuart Hunter, General Manager of Clarion Gaming stated, “It is very important to note that the data is subject to independent verification, however we are confident that ICE has surpassed the 40,000 high and in the process set a new attendance record for an exhibition that, in its original format, dates from the 1930s”.

“In addition, the number of days that measures return visits is 79,000. These are really significant numbers and I believe they reflect the enormous importance and value that visitors place on their ICE experience.”

ICE London 2023 sets new record with over 40,000 unique attendees

He added: “From an industry perspective, we know that 50% of ICE 2023 attendees operate both retail and online, with 50% online only. in sports betting”. Casinos and games were the main activity area for 20,000 participants, with 13,000 focused on sports betting”.

“The growing importance of Payments was evident with 5,000 participants citing it as their main focus and reason for participation. Other highlights include an overwhelmingly positive response to ICE VOX, which sold out for the first time. 2024 will see an expansion addition of this important area to facilitate increased content and capacity”.

“Significantly, more than 80% of the available booth space for the 2024 edition has been re-launched by 4pm on Thursday,” added Hunter.

The main event for the gambling market brought together suppliers and professionals from various modalities of the industry in London. As a great novelty, in this edition of ICE London, participants had the opportunity to have a space themed with colors, climate and even Brazilian coffee, all of this in the Brazilian Lounge! Six companies – including the iGaming Brazil portal – idealized this space and sought to bring a bit of Brazil to the international event.