Exclusive - Robert Blaszczak, CEO of Feedconstruct ‘Brazil is perfectly positioned to capture public attention’

For Feedconstruct CEO Robert Blaszczak, the 2023 edition of ICE London has already become the biggest ever. “This is the first ICE with Feedconstruct. I’ve been coming to ICE for 10 years and the event is growing, but I think for everyone it’s the biggest ICE in history. The numbers are impressive, all places are occupied”, he reported.

Furthermore, the executive admitted that the convention exceeded all expectations, as well as the general conversation about iGaming markets. “When I look at the conversations we are having, Brazil appears in almost all of them as one of the largest and most growing markets on the planet”, he pointed out.

According to Blaszczak, there are many operators in Europe that “naturally want to expand to Brazil”. “This will be one of the fastest (developing) markets in the world going forward.”

The CEO of Feedconstruct also pointed out that the country has enormous potential and is currently attracting all the attention of the industry. “Brazil is perfectly positioned to capture the public’s attention, both for domestic sports and domestic betting opportunities, as well as for the Brazil brand.”

And, he concluded: “I mean, who doesn’t get excited when they see the beautiful flag of Brazil and the opportunities it represents?”

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