EXCLUSIVE: Avi Navama declares that Klash X is 'focused on the Brazilian market and Brazilian players'

SiGMA Europe  2022 held in Malta between the 14th and 18th of November provided the meeting of the world sports betting, gaming and affiliate industry. Present on all days of the event, the iGaming Brazil portal held a series of interviews with relevant figures for the Brazilian and international market.

Klash X director Avi Navama spoke exclusively with the iGaming Brazil team about his first participation in the event organized by the SiGMA Group and the company’s strategy focused on Brazil.

“This is my first time at a SiGMA event and I’m seeing people from all over the world and from the same industry,” he said. In his view, the industry is evolving every day and it is important to understand what can be done to take advantage of all the opportunities that are arising.

Regarding Brazil, the executive highlighted that the company is fully focused on the ‘Brazilian market and Brazilian players’. “We want Brazilians to have a fascinating time and experience on the platform”.

In addition, Avi Navama pointed out that Klash X is ‘investing a lot in Brazil’, at the same time that it is following the discussion on regulating the sector in order to acquire a license to legally operate in the country.

Watch the exclusive interview with Klash X’s Avi Navama: