Debuting for the first time in the Balkans between the 22nd and 25th of this month, SiGMA is a world leader in everything related to iGaming. Growing exponentially since its original debut in 2014 on Malta’s iGaming nexus, the conference has become an international hub for iGaming operators, affiliates, innovators, investors and entrepreneurs.

Below are some of the main reasons why SiGMA is the exposure the Balkans have been looking for.

A global network with the heart of a start-up

Growing from a local iGaming conference in 2014 to bring together 13,500 delegates, 800 sponsors and exhibitors, as well as 400 speakers under one roof, SiGMA is always evolving, but always with an entrepreneurial mind.

The event has already taken place in the four corners of the globe. From Toronto to glittering Dubai, the industry-leading exhibition has welcomed all the big players in every part of the iGaming ecosystem.

In addition, the event brings together a network of industry leaders, serial entrepreneurs, investors and inspiring thought leaders to guide the future of the industry through keynote speeches and panels.

SiGMA: a center for innovation and entrepreneurship

SiGMA is known for being proactive and focused on the future. The conference includes a healthy presence of Technological, Innovative and Visionary Deep Tech Operators willing and able to use the tools of Blockchain, AI, Quantum Computing and more.

From Quantum-empowered eSports betting to crypto payment providers, SiGMA has everything you need to stay above the competition.

With SiGMA’s ‘sister’ summit, the AIBC Summit, debuting in parallel at the same venue, Deep Tech’s potential is limitless. Focusing primarily on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, but expanding to include IoT, Quantum Computing and several others, AIBC is a network hub and thought leadership platform for anyone looking to step into the technology of tomorrow.

Opportunity for start-ups

Present at both SiGMA and AIBC events, Initiation Projects combine the best of the industry with the leading names and personalities in the iGaming and Deep Tech sector. Creating a contest in which the top 100 entry-level candidates from each industry challenge each other for the grand prize of up to $500,000 in capital investment.

pitch deck | SiGMA News

Worldwide media exposure

With the conference’s reach being global, the media presence is equally international, with a wide range of thought leaders, C-Suite executives and visionaries leading the industry into the future.

From top podcasts to a spot in the world-renowned SiGMA magazine, Summit participation is a quick way to grow far beyond the Balkans.

Powered by the in-house media team, content experts, documentarians and reporters, SiGMA has mastered the art of giving sponsors, exhibitors and pioneers the spotlight they deserve.

Networking for the best deals

Join networking dinners and investor brunches with some of the industry’s top minds. SiGMA participants never leave the event without establishing new partnerships or making new friends. In addition to all this, the conference will also hold the Awards Night, which will offer important recognition to industry leaders.

SiGMA Balkans – a great opportunity to debate the future of iGaming

Renowned for its beautiful landscapes, delicious cuisine, rich culture and party propensity, the Balkans are sought after by tasteful tourists and businesspeople with an eye on the growing iGaming ecosystem that calls the region home.

As the home of the global betting community, the SiGMA Conference is widely known for its enlightening panels, inspiring speeches, extensive investment and networking opportunities, and the ability to do it all while having fun.