Exclusive Bruno Omori, Ice London and the strategic opportunities

Recently, another edition of ICE London ended in London, with the presence of the biggest names in the international igaming industry, operators, regulators and other entities.

The president of IDT-CEMA, Bruno Omori made an exclusive summary for iGaming Brazil about the importance and results of this meeting for Brazil in terms of Tourism and Investments.

Bruno Omori’s report for iGaming Brazil:

“IDT-CEMA, which represented the tourist trade in Brazil, held exhibitions, strategic meetings with casino and gambling investors, international academic market leaders, suppliers of products and services in the sector, we created synergy with associations and representative entities from all over the world. , we promote articulation with legislators and game operators from all continents.

This gambling sector moves more than 650 billion dollars a year directly and indirectly, certainly five times that amount.

Therefore, we return to Brazil with news and opportunities:

  • Investment funds and casino operators interested in the Brazilian market, especially in the “landbases” of the tourism market (hotels, destinations and tourist attractions), after final approval of the legislation;
  • Sports betting in strategic partnerships in projects such as Betsul Turismo, aimed at the tourist market (hotels, restaurants, car rental companies, events, among others);
  • Partnerships in the training and qualification of specialized gaming workforce with world-renowned academic entities to integrate with our strategic agreements such as the IFSP;
  • Holding events, fairs and congresses in Brazil, and with business missions outside the country, in the gaming sector in partnership with Clarion;
  • Suppliers of specialized products and services such as gaming tables, payment platforms, security systems, slot machines, online technology, among others, to be presented to the Brazilian business community;
  • Strengthening the sport by integrating the gambling market with programs such as Juntos pelo Esporte.

We present to several funds and international operators of casinos, tourist and hotel products in Brazil, ready to close strategic partnerships with the global gambling sector.

We will have macroeconomic opportunities for initial investments in the amount estimated at 70 billion dollars, which will cover almost the entire economic production chain in Brazil”.