Exclusive Director of Afiliados Brasil, Flávio Raimundo, talks about the growth of the affiliate games market

The Brazilian iGaming Summit 2021 (BiS) was so successful that it is already the biggest betting event held in Brazil. iGaming Brazil – one of the organizers of BiS – covered the first and second day of the event, in addition to the Brazilian iGaming Awards.

With more than 500 participants and major players in the national and international market, the Brazilian iGaming Summit received great praise for ensuring an environment of networking, learning and many opportunities for those present, thus confirming a second edition already in the middle of 2022.

During BiS, we had the opportunity to interview the main names in the betting industry in Brazil, such as Flávio Raimundo, Director of Afiliados Brasil, who spoke about how happy he was to see again a face-to-face event happening in the country, even more in the proportions that the BiS hit.

Flávio also comments on the growth of the affiliation market during the pandemic, as many people looked for new opportunities to generate income during this period. The Director also confirms the holding of Afiliados Brasil in May 2022, citing future plans for the creation of an exclusive sports betting event in 2023.

Check below the interview with Flávio Raimundo, Director of Afiliados Brasil