BiS 2021 ends with panels focused on affiliation, providers and bookmakers

The last cycle of panels and lectures at the Brazilian iGaming Summit (BiS) – The iGaming Intelligence Made in Brazil came to an end this Thursday afternoon, 2. The only face-to-face betting event in Brazil promoted this year has gone down in the history of the industry due to the presence of established brands on the national and international scene.

Since Wednesday, the BiS 2021 program has taken place at Espaço Boulevard JK, Edifício International Plaza, in São Paulo. With a structure designed for the success and experience of the public, the convention provided an intense networking between operators, regulators, politicians, authorities, ambassadors, businessmen in the sector.

The success of BiS 2021 was immediate and resulted in the confirmation of the next edition in the middle of next year. Keeping in mind that the iGaming Brazil portal is a strategic partner of BiS 2021 and carried out extensive coverage, bringing special interviews, details of all panels, exclusive information and the best images of each day of the event.

Thursday, December 2nd afternoon schedule

Panel: Membership Models in a Successful Market

The first of the last three panels of BiS 2021 focused on the affiliate market, which appears as an opportunity to favor the growth of iGaming companies in the country. The conversation had Flávio Raimundo (Brazil Affiliates), Abelardo Dantas (Affiliate), Pedro Feitosa, Ricardo Magri (Eightroom) and Pedro Lucas (Super Affiliates).

Flávio Raimundo

Seminar moderator, Raimundo stressed that it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the product offered. “We must be careful with the quality of the product offered and company behavior, when we close an affiliation partnership”.

He continued: “Successful affiliate companies in Brazil treat the affiliate like a partner and deliver on what they promise affiliates. Proper affiliate treatment generates even more stimulation and productivity for your company. And, the affiliate needs full support of the brands”.

Affiliate Abelardo Dantas agreed with the points presented by Raimundo, but pondered: “it happens that some companies and casinos end up breaking established agreements, which ends up generating a loss of credibility and trust in these brands. The ideal in these agreements is to have a clear and transparent communication, to avoid any kind of problems with the affiliates”.

Abelardo Dantas

Pedro Feitosa, on the other hand, chose to give a tip to operators and affiliates: “focus on producing qualified content for your audience. Social networks are a great way for operators to work, as Brazil as a whole consumes social networks a lot.”

Feitosa claimed that companies are still not taking as much advantage of social media. “Operators still don’t explore social networks in the right way. There is a huge potential of this tool for the national betting market”.

Pedro Feitosa

In addition, he noted that companies in the sector need to have professionals who know how to properly present the product to the audience. “You (operators) need to have communicators within your companies to explain your product to the public.”

The representative of Super Afiliados, Pedro Lucas reinforced that the affiliation system must suit the needs of both parties. “The affiliation model must always adapt to suit both the affiliate and the operator.”

Pedro Lucas

Participants were also asked about the moment of the global boom in eSports. Everyone agreed that electronic sports have enormous potential for the coming decades, as new generations are already being born connected to electronic devices.

In addition, the interest in football in Brazil today is no longer the same as in previous generations, which tends to increase the appeal for betting on eSports in the coming years. For Ricardo Magri, the new generations are ‘prepared’ to receive this type of content, just knowing how to work and planning for the long term.

Ricardo Magri

Finally, the traffic possibilities for affiliates were addressed. Feitosa mentioned that it is possible to advertise virtually any type of product in paid traffic, as long as it is done correctly. And, Magri added saying that the Landing Pages can also help, despite the loss of conversions during this process.

Lecture: The need for multiple providers for a successful operation

The last lecture of this edition of the Brazilian iGaming Summit was given by Sebastian Perrier, from BetConstruct, who discussed the importance of having several providers to achieve a successful operation.

Sebastian Perrier

During his explanation, Perrier stated that the expansion of providers is essential to ensure both competitiveness and the evolution of the market in general.

Panel: Sports Betting Operators

The last panel of this first and historic edition of BiS 2021 addressed the segment of sports betting operators, players that are increasingly focused on the Brazilian market. Alessandro Valente (Super Afiliados) was the moderator of the debate, which also included Juan Jose Mantese (Meridian Gaming), João André Franco (EstrelaBet) and Fernando Garita (Betcris).

Alessandro Valente was the moderator of the last panel

Garita opened the chat with an analysis of the profile of the Brazilian player. “The Brazilian player is different from other players in Latin America. They are more active, looking for more types of games and are always attentive to news in the betting market.”

Therefore, Juan Jose Mantese stressed that it is easier for the player in the country compared to other markets in Latin America. “The Brazilian market is much easier for the player, even though it does not have complete regulation like other countries in Latin America that do not have this facility”.

Garita pointed out other distinctions between the Brazilian and international segment: “There are many differences between the Brazilian scenario and other regulated markets in the world. The potential of football, basketball and eSports in Brazil has great visibility internationally.”

Fernando Garita

Regarding the operating model, João André Franco commented: “street operations are much more interesting for the brand brand, but online betting demonstrates a more satisfactory performance. But, in a way, both forms of betting are necessary and complement each other”.

In the sequence, Mantese highlighted some characteristics of a physical bookmaker. “One of the main concepts of the physical point (offline) is a unique and dedicated space for the customer to have their moment to bet”.

However, the betting market offers countless opportunities for those who are aware of its innovations, as Garita observed: “In addition to football, bettors end up branching out into other areas such as: live diversified betting; tennis betting; online casinos; eSports; betting on cryptocurrencies/NFTs; betting on virtual reality; betting on special events and many others.”

João André Franco

But what to expect from the future of sports betting? João André Franco stated that the path will be guided by eSports and video games. “The future of sports betting is eSports and video games. It may take 10 to 50 years, but that’s a basically confirmed future.”

The opinion was shared by Juan Jose Mantese, who revealed one of the worst operator failures. “One of the mistakes some operators make is to think that betting is not aimed at gamers as well. It is necessary to communicate this audience about betting products for games, however, there are few products in this gaming segment.”

And the difference to bring this audience to betting platforms? In the view of the participants of the last BiS 2021 panel, everything depends on an adequate marketing strategy, a new brand and qualified betting modalities adjusted for this eSports market.

In addition, the conversation focused on customer service for operators. “Customer service in Brazil is hard work. The Brazilian public is demanding, it is a public that does not speak Portuguese, speaks ‘Brazilian’. Brazilians value a complete and attentive service, preferring platforms that offer this. It is worth investing in it. customer service, as the customer here values ​​this type of quality in the company,” explained Garita.

Franco also recognized the relevance of this type of work for players in the segment, but it’s not enough to just provide support, it’s necessary to constantly improve it. “This is an extremely important sector. We need to pay attention to details to capture the customer. There is nothing worse than arriving in a place and being poorly served”.

Juan Jose Mantese

According to Juan Jose Mantese, a service adapted to the Brazilian profile and fast payment are the best ways to retain the public. “Fully Brazilian customer service and quick payment are the main ways to capture the Brazilian bettor. When the consumer feels more comfortable and satisfied with the service, he even feels willing to pay more for the product,” he concluded.

Official closing of BiS 2021

After holding all the seminars scheduled for this Thursday afternoon, Carlos Cardama and Alessandro Valente officially closed the first edition of the Brazilian iGaming Summit, thanking everyone and reinforcing that next year’s event will offer an even more complete and robust program .

Carlos Cardama and Alessandro Valente closed BiS 2021